Face Procedures

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Forehead Lift

A forehead lift or brow lift, is a plastic surgery face procedure in which excess skin of the forehead is tightened and removed, raising the eyebrows and erasing horizontal forehead wrinkles. With this procedure, Dr. Jaime Perez in Tampa can place the scar just in front of the hairline, in the scalp, or use an endoscopic brow lift approach to leave two to three small, mini scars in the scalp.

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Eyelid Surgery

An eyelid lift or eye lift is a cosmetic surgery face procedure where excess skin, and sometimes excess fat bags, of the upper and lower eyelids is removed, rejuvenating the appearance of the eyes and leaving patients with a fresh, youthful appearance.  Dr. Jaime Perez in Tampa performs eyelid lift surgeries frequently at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia in combination with other facial rejuvenation surgeries such as a face lift, mini face lift, or mid face lift.

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Face Lift

A face lift is a plastic surgery face procedure where excess skin of the lower face and neck is tightened and removed in order to redefine the jaw, remove jowls, and re-position drooping fat of the lower face. With a trend towards less invasive cosmetic surgery, Dr. Jaime Perez at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa, like many of the best plastic surgeons throughout Florida, also employs endoscopic and mini face lift techniques performed through short scars hidden in front of the ear.

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Nose Job

A nose job is able to surgically reduce a dorsal hump or bump, refine the tip, narrow the base or bridge of the nose, and generally provide each patient with the nose they feel they should have been born with. Additionally, Dr. Jaime Perez in Tampa can perform this face procedure as a non surgical nose job or liquid nose job with temporary dermal fillers in select patients.

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Ear Surgery

 Dr. Jaime Perez at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa has been performing ear surgery and ear pinning on patients in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and abroad for over ten years in private practice. Whether he is operating on babies, young children, or adults, his goal is to provide each patient with a symmetric, natural-looking, size-appropriate ear. 

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Neck Lift

Dr. Jaime Perez has perfected his neck lift technique, often incorporating it flawlessly with a facelift procedure, to rejuvenate and refresh the lower face of his patients. With this face procedure, Dr. Jaime Perez uses the most advanced and least invasive short scar neck lift techniques available delivering consistent, beautiful, and elegant results.

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