Rhinoplasty Can Transform Your Nose & Overall Appearance

Rhinoplasty before and afterEvery year, approximately half a million people who are interested in improving the appearance of their nose undergo consultation for rhinoplasty or nose job. Because of this, rhinoplasty is now the second most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure in the United States. Many people seeking consultation for rhinoplasty have been unhappy with the shape of their nose since birth; others have experienced an injury that distorted their nose or ability to breathe, while others seek only a small alteration. The goal of rhinoplasty is to surgically improve nasal aesthetics while improving overall facial harmony without creating a “surgical” or “done” look. Despite the fact that rhinoplasty has been around since the fifth century B.C., techniques are still evolving and improving. Here at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa, Dr. Jaime Perez delivers consistently superb results by staying on the forefront of surgical advances in rhinoplasty.

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Rhinoplasty surgery is performed at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa to help patients achieve a natural looking nose restoration. With advanced techniques, our doctors are able to perform the fairly simple procedure so give a patient the aesthetics they desire to help boost their confidence. With many years of experience, we are also able to perform the procedure in such a way that breathing will not be affected.

Traditional Rhinoplasty

Traditional rhinoplasty focused on the removal of significant amounts of cartilage, bone, and soft tissue in order to create a smaller, more attractive nose that fit a preconceived “ideal aesthetic.” While effective, this method led to an “operated” look and was often complicated by long-term deformities including loss of bony or cartilaginous support (i.e. saddle nose deformity or mid-vault collapse) or a “pinched” nasal tip. Dr. Jaime Perez was taught rhinoplasty by some of the most well respected plastic surgeons in New York and has many years of experience performing rhinoplasty in private practice. He has specific interests in nasal anatomy and reconstruction. His approach to rhinoplasty focuses on conservative removal of tissues, gentle reshaping of cartilage, and creating facial harmony in order to decrease complications and increase patient satisfaction. Dr. Perez’s goal with each rhinoplasty is to provide the patient with the nose they should have been born with. Read more about advanced rhinoplasty procedures...

Finesse Rhinoplasty

“Finesse rhinoplasty” is a term used to describe the rhinoplasty where only subtle refinements are made in nasal anatomy to effect a small, but greatly appreciated change in the patient’s appearance. Sometimes family and friends have told these patients that there is nothing wrong with their nose, and they should leave well enough alone. Most of these patients have attractive noses but wish to get closer to their ideal. Often with a “finesse rhinoplasty” a small dorsal hump (i.e. bump on the nose), wide nasal bones (i.e. wide nose), or flaring nasal ala (i.e. large nostrils) are reduced. While every rhinoplasty is an exacting procedure requiring a talented and well-trained surgeon, a “finesse rhinoplasty” may be one of the most demanding and delicate cases because the window for improvement is small and patient expectations are great. However, for plastic surgeons like Dr. Jaime Perez that love rhinoplasty surgery, are comfortable with nasal anatomy, and are detail-oriented, this is the ideal operation.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The goal of “ethnic rhinoplasty” is to refine the nose and achieve an optimal, natural aesthetic result without diminishing all traits of ethnicity. In the past, plastic surgeons were trained to have a very narrow, homogenized perception of beauty that was based on the Caucasian ideal. A “one-size fits all” attitude was applied to rhinoplasty where nearly the same operation was performed on each patient seeking rhinoplasty. Now, doctors, patients, and current culture in general have a more global concept of beauty without one true “ideal;” rather, facial harmony, individuality, and symmetry are most-valued. To achieve this, Dr. Jaime Perez utilizes any number of time-honored techniques, including dorsal hump reduction, nasal bridge augmentation, nasal ala excision (i.e. nostril reduction), and nasal tip-refining sutures and grafts to craft a nose that is both aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the patient. Dr. Perez prides himself on his ability to listen to his patient’s, understand his or her operative goals, and sculpt a nose that is beautiful and refined while respecting each patient’s individuality.

Liquid Rhinoplasty (Non-Surgical Nose Job)

“Liquid rhinoplasty,” which actually is not a rhinoplasty surgery at all, is the name given to the use of injectable, temporary fillers used to camouflage minor nasal deficiencies or correct small asymmetries following a formal, surgical rhinoplasty. While injecting materials into the nose to improve aesthetics is not a new concept, it has gained more interest over the last several years as the desire for minimally invasive non-surgical procedures has exploded. Despite growing interest, the indications for using an injectable filler in the nose are generally limited to correction of tiny depressions or irregularities following surgical rhinoplasty, or rarely, to camouflage a deficient nasal dorsum or tip. By nature, this type of procedure is unable to reduce the size of the nose or provide nasal support, structure, or definition. Additionally, despite being “non-invasive,” a non-surgical rhinoplasty is not without risks. Injection of temporary fillers into the nose is not currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (though is available for off-label use) and can distort tissue planes and mask anatomic structures in a patient considering future surgical rhinoplasty. Caution should be used when considering liquid rhinoplasty as any number of physicians or physician-aides may claim proficiency in this procedure.

Plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, like Dr. Jaime Perez, who are comfortable with nasal anatomy and surgical rhinoplasty are qualified in assessing a patient’s individual needs and determining appropriateness for non-surgical nasal augmentation. Contact us online or call us at (813) 877-3739 to schedule your consultation.

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Dr. Jaime Perez offers state-of-the art-cosmetic procedures utilizing the most high-tech equipment available at Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa. Dr. Perez is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is a member of a number of professional associations including:

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