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Determining the Volume of Fat to be Injected

fat injection brazilian butt lift before and afterA commonly held misconception about the Brazilian Butt Lift is that its sole purpose is to drastically enlarge the buttocks. However, this is rarely the case. Many patients are simply looking to improve their shape or feel more confident in a bathing suit. Whether the patient wants to add some subtle curves or achieve show-stopping projection, the final decision of how much fat to inject is influenced by several factors.

Shaping According to the Patient

First and foremost, the preferences of the patient are the most important to consider when making this decision. Some patients desire to increase their projection while others simply want a rounder shape or curvier silhouette. These subtle differences affect both the quantity of fat required as well as the areas where the fat will be injected to achieve the desired result. For example, a woman desiring a greater amount of projection would require significant fat injections in the superior gluteal region while someone more concerned with overall shape may need more fat injected into the trochanteric region, or hips.

The Role of BMI

Another variable that affects the amount of fat to be injected is the BMI of the patient. A patient with a high BMI will likely require a greater volume of injected fat in order to produce a noticeable result. In contrast, a patient whose BMI is low will likely not need large fat transfer to obtain a good result, as even a small amount of fat will make a big difference in their appearance. In addition, the result of a BBL is somewhat limited by the amount of donor fat available, making it difficult for someone with a very low body fat percentage to drastically increase the size of their buttocks. These cases are commonly referred to as “skinny Brazilians” due to the low BMI of the patient. That being said, it is almost always possible to create a beautiful result regardless of the patient’s BMI.

An Aesthetic Eye

Lastly, the aesthetic opinions of the surgeon performing the Brazilian Butt Lift certainly play a role in the amount of fat injected during surgery. Naturally, the surgeon is going to do his or her best to sculpt the buttocks into an attractive shape, but what is considered the most attractive differs slightly from surgeon to surgeon. Although a good surgeon will always try to fulfill the patient’s wishes, in reality it is impossible to know exactly what the patient wants, which leaves the rest in the hands of the surgeon.

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