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Mothers today are often expected to do it all...pack lunches, drive the children, coach soccer games, excite their husbands, and work full time. With so much time and attention devoted to others, a mother's sense of self and well being can get a little lost. Fortunately, modern women understand and are embracing the idea that having a positive self-image and improved self-confidence not only benefits them, but can actually improve their relationships with loved ones. With this new awareness and desire to take care of themselves, 325,000 women underwent mommy makeover procedures last year alone. Have you lost just a touch of your personal, youthful "sparkle?" Do you wish you could regain your pre-pregnancy body? Now is the time to get it back!

Dr. Jaime Perez at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa is one of the best cosmetic and plastic surgeons in the Tampa Bay area. With years of experience, he understands the needs and desires of today's mother's and is proud to offer the mommy makeover to his patients throughout Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and abroad.

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover By Jaime Pererz M.DA mommy makeover typically includes any combination of breast augmentation or breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction in order to dramatically recontour the breasts, abdomen, and flanks, which are the areas of the body most effected by pregnancy.

Depending on the amount of remaining breast volume, excess skin, degree of sagging, and the patient's goals for breast surgery, Dr. Perez will recommend either a breast lift (i.e. mastopexy), breast implants (i.e. breast augmentation), or both (i.e. augmentation-mastopexy). Patients with larger, sagging breasts benefit most from a breast lift. Those with small, deflated breasts do better after breast enlargement with implants. Patients who desire to have larger breasts but also have a moderate degree of sagging usually must undergo a breast lift with simultaneous placement of implants.

Similarly, depending on the amount of abdominal and flank fat, muscle laxity, and quality of abdominal skin, Dr. Perez will recommend a tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, liposuction, or most commonly, a liposuction tummy tuck to reshape the abdomen, hips, and flanks into new sexy, sweeping curves.

The benefit of combining plastic surgery of the breasts with a liposuction tummy tuck is that the breasts and entire truck can be contoured in one cosmetic surgery procedure, giving Dr. Perez the ability to best match the size and shape of the breasts to the newly created waistline, giving each patient a balanced, harmonious, and beautiful new figure.

See more real patient photos of the Mommy Makeover performed by Dr. Perez in Tampa.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a mommy makeover is one who is healthy, has been at a stable weight for at least six to twelve months, is near his/her ideal body weight, and does not plan on future pregnancies. Additionally, any woman desiring a mommy makeover should have delivered her last child at least nine months before undergoing plastic surgery and should have finished breast-feeding at least six months before undergoing cosmetic surgery of the breasts.


The price of a mommy makeover varies throughout the United States depending on region and even throughout the Tampa Bay area. According to, the average price of a mommy makeover in the United States is $12,500. The cost of a mommy makeover in the Tampa Bay area, including Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, varies between $10,000 and $15,000. However, prices of a mommy makeover will vary depending on the complexity of each patient and the necessity of other simultaneous procedures.

Dr. Jaime Perez and the staff at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa understand that price is a concern for many patients considering a mommy makeover. We believe that cost should not deter anyone from obtaining plastic surgery and the body of their dreams and thus provide assistance with financing options through Care Credit (a company specializing in providing financing for cosmetic surgery procedures).


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A mommy makeover procedure is a combination of multiple procedures offered at the Plastic Surgery Center in Tampa to help patients achieve stunning results. Following childbirth, patients may be left with excess, sagging skin that is extremely difficult to eliminate, through diet and exercise. Our doctors can perform a combination of a breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, and other procedures.


A mommy makeover typically takes four to five hours and is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Immediately after surgery, patients are placed in compression garments that must be worn for six weeks to help support and shape the healing tissues. If drains are placed, they are generally removed in the office in seven to ten days when they are putting out less than 30 ml per day. Recovery times following a mommy makeover vary, but patients are generally able to return to work in one to two weeks, light exercise in three to four weeks, and full recovery and exercise in five to six weeks. Antibiotics and pain medicines are prescribed following the surgery.


The majority of patients undergoing a mommy makeover love their new body and can't wait to get back into their "skinny jeans" or a new swimming suit. Despite the high patient satisfaction rate, like every cosmetic and plastic surgery, there are well-known risks associated with a mommy makeover.

The most serious complications of a mommy makeover are associated with the tummy tuck portion of the operation. Fortunately, serious complications are rare and include blood clots of the leg (approximately 1% of patients) and blood clots of the lungs (less that 1% of patients). Patients with a history of blood clots, clotting disorders, cancer, spontaneous miscarriages, pregnancy within the last three months, age over forty, and patients taking birth control pills are at increased risk of blood clots following the procedure and should discuss this with the surgeon prior to surgery.

Other minor complications of the tummy tuck portion of a mommy makeover include small areas of wound breakdown, fluid collections under the skin, and contour irregularities on the sides of the abdominal incision.

Specific to the breast surgery performed during a mommy makeover, the most frequently encountered postoperative complications are hematoma (i.e. bleeding), which occur in 1-3% of patients nationwide, and infection of the implant occurring in less than 1% of patients nationwide who undergo breast augmentation. Most all patients will experience some temporary change in breast and/or nipple sensation immediately after surgery; 15% of patients may experience permanent increases or decreases in breast sensitivity and nipple sensation. Dr. Perez examines all of his patients on the day after surgery so that in the unlikely event there is a complication, it can be diagnosed and treated efficiently.

Before and After Mommy Makeover Pictures

Go to the gallery section of this website to see before and after mommy makeover photos performed by Dr. Jaime Perez at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa on patients in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and throughout the Tampa Bay area and abroad.

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