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May 11 2016

Find out how a nose job can improve your look and increase your confidence.

Jan 15 2016

Wondering what the best breast augmentation incision is? Let us explain what the Transaxillary Incision is all about.

Nov 12 2015

Find out how Fat Transfer can help make your breasts look more symmetrical after a Breast Augmentation procedure.

Apr 15 2015

Curious about fat grafting? Tampa’s most trusted plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Perez answers the top 3 questions about this popular procedure. Continue here to learn more.

Mar 13 2015

To bring you some clarity about the efficacy of dermal fillers, here are some common myths debunked by Dr. Jaime Perez.

Feb 25 2015

Pilates, squats and running is not the only thing your body needs to create that perfect physique. Now is the time for breast augmentation to get your bikini body ready for summer. 

Dec 31 2014

Dr. Jaime Perez provides a variety of plastic surgery options to target those areas and bring out your true beauty.

Nov 28 2014

Dr. Jaime Perez is experienced and well-known for providing enough information as possible to his liposuction patients. He will share with you the best techniques to help you achieve a better body, just in time for the holidays.

Nov 19 2014

Dr. Jaime Perez provides useful tips and care instructions that will help patients ensure a smooth and uncomplicated recovery from facelift surgery.

Oct 28 2014

Give your body what it deserves. Learn about the beauty of breast augmentation and how to achieve a voluptuous new figure before the holiday season.

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