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You want to look your best, right? If the size or shape of your nose bothers you, rhinoplasty nose surgery can improve its appearance.

Dr. Jaime Perez of the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa can perform a rhinoplasty to give your nose the cosmetic look you desire.

Learn more about how popular, safe, and effective nose surgery at our Tampa, FL, office can transform your look and improve your health.

I'm Thinking of Getting Rhinoplasty Surgery Do a Lot of People Get This Procedure?

Rhinoplasty is incredibly popular at our practice. This is consistent with nationwide trends as well:

Dr. Perez Discusses How Rhinoplasty Can Give You a Great Nose

Dr. Perez performs the latest rhinoplasty surgery techniques at our fully accredited, 3,500-square-foot plastic surgery center in Tampa, Florida. He has everything at his disposal to help patients achieve a natural-looking nose restoration. He loves how this fairly simple procedure gives patients the aesthetics they desire and helps boost their self-confidence. Dr. Perez expertly performs this procedure in such a way that breathing, cartilage, or skeletal support of the nose will not be affected. Patients come to him from all over Florida, across the United States, and other countries, as well.

Rhinoplasty Can Transform Your Nose and Appearance

Dr. Jaime Perez's patient before and after a nose job

Our 25-year-old Tampa, FL, patient didn't like how the tip of her nose seemed too large for her face. She also was not happy with the enlarged width of her nostrils. Dr. Perez performed a customized nose job that decreased the size and shape of her nose and nostrils. Now her nose is perfectly proportionate to her facial features, drawing focus to her eyes and enhancing her stunning beauty. 

You Can Enjoy These Rhinoplasty Benefits

Enhanced Cosmetic Appearance

Rhinoplasty can enhance the appearance of your entire nose or just the nostrils and tip. A crooked nose due to an injury can be corrected, and bumps on your nasal bridge can also be removed. The result is a nose that is physically beautiful and proportionate to your face.

Significant Boost in Self-Esteem

Not being happy about your appearance can cause you to become withdrawn and self-conscious. A rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Perez can make you feel better about yourself, boosting your confidence in business and social situations.

Makes Breathing and Sleeping Easier

The septum is the cartilage that divides the nostrils. Sometimes a deviated septum occurs, where your cartilage is uneven or malformed. This can cause uneven nostrils, nasal blockages, and sleeping and breathing issues. A rhinoplasty can reshape the septum to improve these issues. 

Does My Entire Nose Have to Change?

Not at all. Even a small change in the shape or size of your nose can improve your nasal aesthetics and improve your overall facial harmony. Rhinoplasty can also improve your breathing and sleeping. Jaime Perez, our board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in creating natural results so his patients do not have an obvious "I had a nose job" look.

Why You Should Contact Our Tampa, FL, Practice About Rhinoplasty

Many people who come to Dr. Perez' Tampa, FL, plastic surgery office for rhinoplasty have been unhappy with the shape of their nose since birth. Many others have experienced an injury that distorted their nose or affected their ability to breathe. Still, others seek only a minor alteration to improve the cosmetic look of their nose.

Despite the fact that rhinoplasty has been around since the fifth century B.C., techniques are still evolving and improving. Dr. Perez delivers consistently superb results by staying at the forefront of the procedure's surgical advances. Find out how he can use his 20 years of world-class private practice experience and vast knowledge of nasal anatomy to improve your cosmetic appearance and health. Request an in-office or virtual consultation today using our simple online form or by calling anytime.

View This Rhinoplasty Case

Dr. Jaime Perez's patient before and after a nose job
Before and After Nose Job

Our Patients Love the Results They Got From Dr. Perez

"I highly recommend Dr. Perez for any of your plastic surgery needs!! Him and his staff made this whole experience an extremely easy and enjoyable one. I am only 2 weeks post op and already LOVE my results! I couldn’t be happier with my experience at The Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa!!" Isabella Gonzalez, 2023, 5-Star Review

Dr. Perez Practices the Latest Rhinoplasty Procedures

Traditional rhinoplasty once focused on the removal of significant amounts of cartilage, bone, and soft tissue removed through various incisions to create a smaller, more attractive nose that fit a preconceived “ideal aesthetic.” While effective, this method from years past led to an “operated-on” look and was often complicated by long-term deformities. These included a saddle-nose deformity, mid-vault collapse, or a “pinched” nasal tip created by a loss of bone and cartilage support.

Dr. Perez was taught rhinoplasty by some of the most respected plastic surgeons in New York. He has decades of experience with specific interests in nasal anatomy and reconstruction. Our surgeon's approach to rhinoplasty focuses on conservatively removing tissues, gently reshaping the cartilage, and creating facial harmony to decrease complications and increase patient satisfaction. Dr. Perez's goal with each rhinoplasty is to provide you with the nose you should have been born with.

Our State-of-the-Art Surgical Rhinoplasty Procedures

Before and after side profile of nose job

Finesse Rhinoplasty

With this type of rhinoplasty, Dr. Perez will only make subtle refinements in your nasal anatomy to create a minor but effective change in your appearance. Family and friends may have told you that there is nothing wrong with your nose, but you want to get closer to your ideal. Usually, a small bump on the nose, wide nasal bones, or enlarged nostrils are reduced. Finesse rhinoplasties may be one of the most demanding and delicate procedures to perform, as the window for improvement is small and patient expectations are high. However, because Dr. Perez loves performing rhinoplasty surgery, is comfortable with nasal anatomy, and is detail-oriented, this is the ideal operation.

View This Case

Before and after side profile of rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The goal of ethnic rhinoplasty is to refine the nose and achieve a natural aesthetic result without diminishing all traits of ethnicity. In the past, plastic surgeons had a narrow, one-size-fits-all perception of beauty based on the white ideal. Now, there is a more global concept of beauty without a single standard. Now, facial harmony, individuality, and symmetry are most valued. To achieve this, Dr. Jaime Perez performs dorsal hump reduction, nasal bridge augmentation, nostril reduction, and nasal tip-refining incisions, sutures, and grafts to craft a nose that is aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the patient. Dr. Perez listens closely to his patient's goals, allowing him to sculpt a beautiful and refined nose while respecting each patient's individuality.

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Recovery From Rhinoplasty Surgery

You should be able to resume normal activities in less than a month. 
You should be able to resume normal activities in less than a month. 
Recovery from a rhinoplasty can involve very little downtime, although each individual case may vary. You should be able to resume normal activities in less than a month. Different rhinoplasty procedures will involve different placements and numbers of incisions. Dr. Perez will do everything possible to place incisions where scarring will not be visible.
Splints may be inserted inside and taped to the outside of your nose by Dr. Perez to protect and support it. These splints can be removed after about a week. They may cause congestion until they are taken out.
You may experience some minor bruising after the surgery. Bruising and swelling both tend to fade after about a month, with the final shape of your nose becoming noticeable after about a year. Barring injury, your nose should retain its enhanced appearance for the rest of your life.

A 5-Star Review From a Satisfied Patient

"The entire experience was nothing but a positive one, from the first consultation all the way through recovery and aftercare, I am extremely pleased.  An honorable mention goes out to his office staff for doing their part in my care, a great job across the board!!! Here I am a little over one (1) year since my procedure and I must say that I am satisfied completely." Haydee Alvarez, 2023, 5-Star Review

Dr. Perez Also Performs Nonsurgical Nose Jobs

This procedure, called a liquid rhinoplasty, is not rhinoplasty surgery at all. It actually involves the injection of temporary fillers to hide minor nasal deficiencies or correct small asymmetries after a traditional rhinoplasty is performed. It is rarely used to correct major cosmetic issues. However, liquid rhinoplasties have become very popular as more and more patients are seeking minimally invasive, nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.

It is important to know that this procedure is unable to reduce the size of the nose or provide nasal support, structure, or definition. Additionally, despite being noninvasive, a nonsurgical rhinoplasty is not without risks. The injection of temporary fillers into the nose is not currently approved by the FDA. It can distort nasal tissue and mask anatomic structures in patients considering future surgical rhinoplasty. Caution should be used when considering liquid rhinoplasty, as many unpracticed physicians or physician assistants may claim proficiency in this procedure.

Considering Liquid Rhinoplasty? Contact Dr. Perez for a Consultation First

Dr. Perez is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, meaning he has years of specialized training and education regarding nasal anatomy and surgical rhinoplasty. This allowed him to pass an extremely difficult medical board exam that many Tampa, FL, plastic surgeons do not even take.

Therefore, Dr. Perez is supremely qualified when it comes to approving a patient for a nonsurgical, liquid rhinoplasty. Requesting a consultation is the best way to find out which kind of rhinoplasty will work best for your individual needs. Contact our Tampa, FL, practice online or call us to request your in-office or virtual consultation.

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Man receiving liquid rhinoplasty

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Dr. Perez charges a starting fee of $8,900 for your first rhinoplasty. However, this price can change due to the complexity of your case. Should you desire a second or third rhinoplasty in the future, the charge will begin at $9,000.

Although rhinoplasties performed to improve breathing or sleeping issues may be covered to some extent by insurance, cosmetic nose jobs usually are not. Therefore, Dr. Perez offers financing through CareCredit®. This trusted lender breaks out-of-pocket costs into low-interest monthly payment plans that work with your budget.

Tampa Patients Rave About Dr. Perez' Skill and Patient Care

"Dr. Perez is an amazing surgeon. Extremely profesional and knowledgeable in what he does. Patient safety is a priority in his practice" Adriana P., 2022, 5-Star Review
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Dr. Jaime Perez offers state-of-the art-cosmetic procedures utilizing the most high-tech equipment available at Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa. Dr. Perez is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is a member of a number of professional associations including:

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American Board of Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

To schedule a consultation at our Tampa, FL ,office, or to learn more, contact us online or call (813) 877-3739 today.

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