Did you know Breast Reduction Surgery is on the Rise? By Jaime Perez on November 23, 2012

The average weight is not the only thing going up in America today; the average breast size is as well. According to sources in the fashion industry, the median breast size for American women has grown from a 36C to a 36DD between 2000 and 2010.

This has made breast reduction surgery one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries today, and since it is considered reconstructive surgery by many insurers the cost is often fully or partially covered. Talk to your doctor for more details on that.

There can be many reasons why a woman would want to get breast reduction; they can range from aesthetic and emotional reasons to practical ones. Large breasts can cause embarrassment and make finding clothes harder, and they can also cause back and neck pain. An active lifestyle or the desire to play sports can also be a good reason to have a breast reduction.

Advancements in Surgical Techniques

The science of breast reduction surgery has advanced quickly over the last ten to fifteen years, and it is just as important as any other procedure now to make sure the final shape and size of the breast fits with what you, the patient, have in mind. Large breasts are often plagued with various problems - these can include unwanted and excessive sagging, unsightly appearance, and stretch marks.

A properly done breast reduction surgery can decrease the mass of your breasts, and leave them in an ideal position and shape, making them round, firm and perky.

Reasons For This Procedure

As well as alleviating the back and neck pain associated with large breasts, it will be easier to find and wear a larger variety of clothes and allow a greater ability to play sports, especially sports with abrupt movement shifts such as tennis or jogging, which many women with overly large breasts find uncomfortable.

In 2011, there were more than 63,000 breast reduction surgeries, and that number is expected to continue rising. Most instances of large breast growth occur during puberty, although some cases have been noted at advanced ages. The latter is usually the result of general weight gain, and in puberty it is usually caused by abnormality with circulating hormones. Genetics is usually not a factor in breast size as much as it is a factor of how your system creates hormones.

Types of Breast Reduction

Just as in other procedures, and depending upon how much the breast volume is to be reduced and shaping considerations there are several levels of surgical intervention, starting with liposuction, or scarless breast reduction. This procedure is suited for young patients' whose skin is still tight and elastic and can adapt to the decreased volume of breast material. This procedure is also suited only for young women who need just a small reduction in their breast size.

Short scar or minimally invasive breast reductions are next; younger women are still recommended for this procedure, but it can handle a larger reduction (over 500cc's, where the liposuction is under 500cc's). There is also some discretion with the ability to shape the breast and breast tissue with this option. Incisions can be centered around the nipple-areola area, or may involve a vertical incision from the bottom of the nipple to the inframammary fold (where the bottom of the breast meets the chest). Scarring is minimal.

Traditional breast reduction and free nipple grafting breast reduction are both meant for patients who may be older, and in the case of traditional breast reduction a horizontal incision from the nipple outward in either direction. These procedures allow for the greatest reduction in mass and the largest ability to reshape the breasts in accordance with the patients desired shape and size.

If you think your breasts are too large, schedule a consultation today to explore your options.

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