Choosing The Right Breast Implant By Jaime Perez on December 26, 2012

Once the decision is made to get the surgery too many women do not put in the time and effort to interview multiple doctors and look at the different types of implants and different surgical types. Depending on your body style, and whether you want to make your breasts look like they once did or you want bigger, fuller breasts than you ever had will determine the type of surgery done and the material and shape of the implant.



There are some other factors, such as the relation to the chest wall and body build v. breast size, and how natural you want the implants to look. On top of all the other considerations, there are now many techniques for the incision itself. Whichever type of incision, surgery and implant you decide to use, you should see a lot of before and after pictures that show the doctor's skills with the type of surgery you are going with.

If you can find a doctor who is comfortable with many different types of incisions and surgery styles, the chances of your satisfaction are much better.


The first thing you have to ask is, which type of implant should I get? There are two types right now, Saline and Silicon and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Saline breast implants are a silicone shell that is not filled until the time of surgery. They are filled with a sterile saline solution, so if there is a problem with the integrity of the implant there will be zero chance of toxicity.

In 2006, silicone gel implants were allowed to come back on the market. The biggest advantage of the silicon is that viscosity can be adjusted, more closely resembling the natural feel of a real, youthfully firm breast.

In both cases, the implant can be round or what is called a anatomic or form stable implant. These are most often a crescent or tear drop shape, and in silicone usually have to use a higher viscosity gel. They are designed to maintain the same shape at all times, whereas the round implants are designed to move in as close to a real way as possible.


There are two placement pockets that are used, sub-glandular and sub-pectoral. The choice of this is going to rest in large part on your unique physique and body style. If you had large breasts and want to restore their shape and firmness, the sub-glandular is called for. This is when the implant is placed below the natural breast material but above the pectoral muscle. This type of surgery requires less of a recovery, but the implant may be visible or cause ripples depending on body position.

The sub-pectoral goes under the breast tissue and pectoral muscle. This has a higher level of pain in the recovery period, but the implant is less noticeable using this procedure.

There are multiple options now for where the incision is, but this will also depend on your body type and the type of implant you are choosing. Consult with different doctors, and look at a lot of before and after pictures. Be picky, and pick the best surgeon you can for this important procedure.

Dr. Jaime Perez has made it his mission to supply the best advice and procedures possible - his goal is to make you look like you have had your new breasts all your life, and he is experienced with all implants and surgical styles.

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