Getting A Nose Job - When Is It Right, And What Procedure Should I Use? By Jaime Perez on December 31, 2012

Nose jobs in the past have had a bad rap, but nearly half a million people a year inside the US get rhinoplasty, the technical name for a nose job. This is also one of the oldest facial surgeries, dating back to the fifth century B.C.

The techniques are still improving, though. Traditional rhinoplasty removed large amounts of bone, cartilage and other soft material to create what the surgeons in decades past considered a 'perfect nose'. This was done all to often without consideration for the way a person looks. The same cookie cutter noise does not work on all peole, and it was this insistence on a perfect 'shape' by plastic surgeons in the past that helped give the nose job its bad rep.

Doing things in this way, though, leads to often a look that was easily associated with bad nose jobs. This hack and shape method also caused large amounts of post-operative problems, including the loss of additional bone and cartilage material. This could result in what is called a saddle nose deformity or mid-vault collapse.


Dr. Perez has specific interest in nasal anatomy and reconstruction, and his main goal is to remove as little natural material from the nose to get a result which fits in with the patients face. This will be different in every case, with more or less tissue having to be removed. The end result of a rhinoplasty procedure should never have anything but the look of the nose you were supposed to be born with.

Finesse rhinoplasty is a term where very small refinements only are made in the basic structure of the nose, and is usually used for very small issues with a patients nose, such as a small dorsal hump (of a small bump on the bridge of the nose), a wide nose or flaring nostrils. The idea is always to use as much finesse as possible to achieve the desired effect, and Dr. Perez works with each patient not to give them the Hollywood ideal of the 'perfect nose', but to figure out with each individual exactly what their perfect nose would be.


This also ties in with what is known as 'ethnic rhinoplasty'. Once again, there should be no static 'ideal' of the perfect nose. A perfect nose for Ann is not going to be the same one for Elizabeth, especially if they are different races. Harmony, symmetry and individuality are the important factors in determining exactly what specific options need to be followed to give each patient his or her own 'perfect' nose.

Liquid rhinoplasty is another option, but it is not a surgical procedure. In liquid rhinoplasty injectable, temporary fillers are used, but this procedure is only effective in correcting very small depressions or irregularities, or to reduce the visible effects of a deficient nasal dorsum or tip. This procedure does come with its own risks even though it is not surgery, and should be considered as generally not the answer to a patients problems, especially since it is a temporary fix.

If you are not happy with the shape of your nose when you look into the mirror, chances are it can be slightly altered so that it is more harmonious with the rest of your facial features. If you are considering a nose job today, call or make an appointment for a free consultation.

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