Why men wish to get rhinoplasty By Jaime Perez on September 30, 2013

There used to be a time when cosmetic surgery was catered to enhance the appearance of women. That time is long gone, because men are in search of something to help them maintain their strong, masculine features. We live in a generation where men also care about their appearance just as much as women, and now that the experience of expert plastic surgeons has evolved men can fulfill their aesthetic goals. Men want to look more attractive, young and energetic and what better way to achieve that than with rhinoplasty?


Rhinoplasty, nose job, in Tampa, is a cosmetic surgery that is designed to reshape and restore balance to facial features for women and men. People struggling with breathing issues they too can achieve nasal restoration with correcting nasal airway objections that distorted the nose. Women want to achieve a balanced and feminine-looking nose, but men want to maintain their masculine appearance. Men do not want a nose that is too small and avoid deprojecting the nose, otherwise it will make the face unbalanced.


What Corrections do Men want?

Most men do not want to make noticeable changes to their nose. Men want to remove or reduce the size of nasal hump. They do not want a lower bridge as women do, because men want a more defined and angular face. Men want to look good and the features they want to correct include:


  • Narrowing the nose
  • Elevate drooping tip
  • Open breathing passages
  • Correct deformities from injuries
  • Removing bump on the nose
  • Straighten crooked nose

Masculine Nasal Aesthetics

In male aesthetics a strong, handsome nose is characterized by a strong nasal dorsum. The desired dorsal line is straight or has a slight bony hump.


Nasal tip rotation is not usually desired to avoid a turned-up nose appearance. The angle should be at most 95 degrees. The acute nasal angle creates an aged, drooping nasal tip, so by turning up the angle it will restore a youthful appearance.


Candidates for Male Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty for men can achieve many different things for patients. A nose job will increase or decrease the shape of the nose and resolve the difficulties of breathing, all while maintaining masculinity. Candidates for rhinoplasty include those who:


  • Are unhappy with the current shape of their nose
  • Are 16 or older, or after the nose has reached full growth
  • Suffer from blocked nasal airways
  • Possess realistic expectations of surgery outcome
  • Wish to achieve a natural-looking enhancement


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there was a whopping 61,000 male rhinoplasty procedures in 2012. With the accuracy and attention to detail from the surgeon, a man can maintain the natural masculine look with conservative techniques to achieve harmony in facial features.


Health Benefits of Rhinoplasty

The effects of rhinoplasty are fitting for a man. He can reduce the large amount of cartilage, and excess bone to make the nose more attractive. Men can correct the irregular shape they suffered from birth or trauma. Aside from reaching aesthetic goals, men can achieve health benefits including repaired deviated septum and expanding narrow air passages. Men are able to breathe easier by reducing these symptoms and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


Men who are interested in rhinoplasty desire a nasal structure that is natural and strong in appearance. Every nose surgery is different and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Perez provides facial rejuvenation that men are striving for.

At the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa, men can turn to Dr. Perez for the subtle improvements with his technique in rhinoplasty. His expert staff is dedicated to providing considerate medical care. Men too can enjoy the perks of rhinoplasty to improve their masculine features. Schedule your consultation today.

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