Facelift Side Effects By Jaime Perez on January 27, 2014

Tampa Facelift Side EffectsFacelifts are one of the most well-known anti-aging treatments offered by plastic surgeons. Recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons list facelifts as one of the top five cosmetic surgical procedures.

If you are considering a facelift, you should be an informed consumer and learn about the potential side effects that go along with surgery.

Plastic surgeon Jaime Perez in Tampa can explain facelift side effects so you can make an informed choice. He can answer your questions and address any health concerns you may have as well as show you his state-of- the-art surgical facility.  

Any surgery includes risks, and facelift surgeries, though popular, are no different. In addition, side effects are highly dependent on a person’s individual health and their lifestyle choices, such as smoking, which can hamper healing.

Risks are also dependent on the type of facelift performed. As a rule of thumb, the more invasive the facelift, the higher the risk. You should have a conversation with your plastic surgeon so you understand the risks involved in your particular surgery.  

Potential Side Effects and Risks

No matter what type of surgery you have, each person responds differently and may experience different side effects. In most cases, side effects can be managed for a satisfactory outcome. Potential facelift side effects include:

  • Bleeding. A hematoma, or blood clot, may form that requires surgery to remove. The risk can be minimized by avoiding anti-inflammatory drugs before surgery.
  • Bruising and Swelling. Bruising, particularly around the eyes, is common and should fade in a week or two. Swelling is another normal side effect. It may take several weeks to diminish, but should lessen each day.
  • Pain. Pain is a common side effect in the first few days. Pain medication may be prescribed to reduce discomfort.
  • Infection. A chance of infection is a potential risk after any surgery. You can reduce your risk by carefully following all post-operative instructions.
  • Scarring. Scarring is a natural result of incisions, however most facelift incisions are hidden in the hair line. Incisions may initially appear reddened and thick for several weeks after surgery, fading to pink then a lighter white.  
  • Hair Loss. This is a rare complication that can occur in the sideburn area or behind the ear. The risk can be reduced through proper post-operative care.
  • Numbness. Numbness, often around incision sites, can occur with facelifts. In most cases the numbness goes away in a few days.
  • Damage to Facial Muscles and Nerves Damage. In very rare cases, some patients have muscle or nerve damage.
  • Asymmetry. Pre-existing asymmetry in the face will remain after surgery. However, minor asymmetries in the upper eyelid may be present and require correction.
  • Reaction to Anesthetic. Some patients react to general or local anesthetic. Any allergies you have will be carefully noted before surgery and patients are carefully monitored during surgery.  
  • Skin Discoloration. This is rare. The risks can be minimized through proper care after surgery.

More Information

Everyone heals differently after surgery, but if you are considering a facelift, a personal consultation can provide you with a thorough explanation of potential side effects.

Please call us today for an appointment so that we may answer your questions.

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