Breast Lift Surgery Techniques to Create a Perkier Bust Line By Jaime Perez on August 19, 2014

Female with a shapely and perky bust lineWhen women are young and have the shapely, perky bust line that often comes with youth, it is hard to imagine that will ever change. Unfortunately, most women will eventually notice a change in the way the breasts sit against the chest wall and how the breast tissue is distributed. There are many factors that can cause changes to the breasts, including pregnancy, nursing, fluctuations in weight, and aging. When these changes develop, most patients have one concern, “how do I get back my full, perky breasts?” The answer may be a breast lift, which can improve breast shape and position. Plastic surgeon Jamie Perez specializes in breast lift surgery and offers several techniques that can best meet the unique needs and desires of each of his patients.

Breast Lift Techniques

Like other forms of breast surgery, a breast lift procedure offers patients many surgical options. There are several breast lift techniques that can be used. Each of these techniques lifts and revitalizes the bust line, but each are unique in their incision and how breast concerns are addressed. The breast lift technique that is used will be determined based on the needs and desires of each patient.

  • Crescent mastopexy: The crescent mastopexy, medically known as the periareolar technique, is ideal for patients with minimal drooping or sagging, and those who require little change to the actual shape of the breasts. Using this technique, Dr. Perez places an incision where the breast skin meets with the dark skin of the areola. Through this incision, Dr. Perez can reduce the skin envelope covering the breast tissue and make slight changes to the shape of the breast.
  • Lollipop mastopexy: The lollipop, or vertical mastopexy, are better suited for patients with more moderate sagging and those who require the nipple to be repositioned by several centimeters. This technique can also change the shape of the breast to address issues such as coning. During this procedure, an incision is made around the areola and then extends down to the fold of the breast. While this technique results in a more visible scar, this incision allows for significant alteration to the lift and shape of the breasts.
  • Anchor mastopexy: Also referred to as the reverse T mastopexy, the anchor technique utilizes an incision that encircles the areola, extends down to the breast fold, and then across the bottom of the breast. This is the most popular technique because it allows for the greatest amount of alteration to breast shape, breast position, and nipple position. Although a visible scar will result, this technique is ideal for patients with significant drooping or sagging, as well as poor skin elasticity.
  • Augmentation mastopexy: This technique is a breast lift procedure that also involves the placement of a breast implant. For patients who have lost significant breast volume, a breast implant is the best way to add firmness and fullness to the breasts. While an augmentation mastopexy can lift and fill out the bust line, patients should be aware that this complex procedure does carry a higher risk of complication.

Schedule an Appointment

If your breasts have begun to sag and you are looking for a way to revitalize your bust line, a breast lift may be right for you. Dr. Jamie Perez can listen to your concerns and let you know if you are an ideal candidate for breast lift surgery. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to learn more about the breast lift techniques available. We look forward to hearing from you!

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