A rhinoplasty procedure performed by Dr. Jaime Perez can improve the appearance of the nose. The surgery involves reshaping the nose for cosmetic reasons, or to correct any difficulties with breathing. Dr. Perez prides himself on providing patients with natural-looking results.

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Jenn: If you're considering plastic surgery, you might consider Dr. Perez. He is one of the leading board-certified plastic surgeons here in the Tampa Bay area. Here's a little bit more on some of his procedures. Dr. Perez: With rhinoplasty, there are basically two approaches. One approach would be an open rhinoplasty, the other one is closed. Whichever approach is used depends on the patient's anatomy and the problem that is to be corrected. I would say at the present time, most rhinoplastic surgeons will use the open approach to most of their tip work. Jenn: Seeing a rhinoplasty looks very painful. Is it truly painful? What's the healing process like? Dr. Perez: Surprisingly, rhinoplasty is not a very painful procedure. There are other procedures that are more painful but rhinoplasty is really not. It's uncomfortable. I've never had rhinoplasty but I see that my patients don't complain too much of pain. It's basically discomfort. There could be swelling the next day after rhinoplasty and there could be bruising around the eyes, but pain per se is not really a major characteristic of this procedure. Dr. Perez: The infracturing rhinoplasty requires an osteotomy and a mallet basically to break the bone to make it narrower. That's not for everybody. Not every rhinoplastic patient needs that, but it is part of the rhinoplasty. After the surgeon has reduced the dorsum to narrow it if it's too wide or too lumpy, or if it's too long, usually those patients require infracture which basically is an osteotomy and breaking the bone. The patient is under general anesthesia or heavy sedation, so he or she will not feel anything during the procedure. Afterwards, as with any surgery, it will manifest as being very swollen and not so much pain. Jenn: Is there anything a patient can do to assist the healing process? Dr. Perez: Well, at the beginning, during the first seven days, patients usually have a splint. They're internal splints, dural splints externally and during that time heavy exercising is not recommended, or any exercise, and to keep the head elevated perhaps the first two nights after surgery, because then that helps with the swelling, to sleep up with a few pillows to prop up the head. I will say taping for the first three weeks after surgery. Taping the nose helps decreasing the swelling. Dr Perez: Swelling in rhinoplasty could last for up to a year. It takes a long time. Patients will see results about three weeks to three months after. You'll start seeing how your nose is going to look. Before that, it's quite swollen. Jenn: Doctor, what is the earliest age a rhinoplasty can be performed? Dr Perez: It's usually about two years after menarche. In women and girls, menarche is the first time of menstruation, so it will be roughly about two years after for females. And for males, I would say around 16 years of age. Dr Perez: Rhinoplasty, as with any surgery, as in any aesthetic procedure, my patients are usually healthy with no significant medical problems that have a structural problem or they don't like the look of their nose. A good candidate for this procedure would be somebody who has no major medical problems. Jenn: Health Matters will be right back.

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