Brazilian Butt Lift


Dr. Jaime Perez performs butt augmentation with fat transfer, more commonly called the Brazilian Butt Lift. The procedure is performed by harvesting unwanted fat from one area of the body and injecting it into the buttocks. Dr. Perez will sculpt the buttocks to create a rounder, more voluptuous backside.

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Jenn: It seems the Brazilian Butt Lift is more and more common. Where did the process come from? Dr. Perez: It is. The so-called Brazilian Butt Lift is essentially liposuction and fat grafting to the areas of hips and buttocks. It is becoming a more popular procedure because of patient awareness. When you look at the data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, actually last year there was an increase of 40% in this procedure. So as patients become more aware of the procedure there is more demand for it. It is a wonderful procedure, and I say wonderful because it's a very controlled procedure that is safe and it has dramatic results. Jenn: Describe the procedure that you perform. Dr. Perez: Essentially it is a liposuction procedure, an advanced liposuction procedure that involves all layers of fat of the skin, including deep areas of liposuction and superficially as well. It's an advanced liposuction, a liposculpture procedure and fat grafting to areas of the hip and areas of the buttocks. It's advanced liposuction with fat grafting to the buttocks. The scars are really small scars. Just for the liposuction cannula and for the injection of fat, so they are very small, in the order of five millimeters. Jenn: Do you ever use implants? Dr. Perez: Well, implants have been used by many surgeons, including me, to enhance the back of women, but they have a place. Honestly, now I use implants less and less. I used implants very rarely. Jenn: And do you ever save the fat cell so maybe you can go back and reshape the work you've done? Dr. Perez: I use the fat cells immediately after. I don't like to freeze them and store them in the refrigerator and try to inject them again. I don't do that. I inject them right away. That has the best chances of survival. Jenn: Do I have to sleep on my stomach after the procedure? Dr: Perez: I think it has changed over the years. In fact, I used to be an advocate, I used to teach that after a Brazilian Butt Lift to refrain from sitting for three or four weeks, but in reality I don't do that anymore. Patients go right after the procedure and sit on the car, and they go on the front seat or the back seat and they're sitting down and they go home. What I try to tell them is to try not to sleep on your butt. Sleep on your side for one or two weeks. Jenn: How long do the results last? Dr. Perez: Results are permanent because those cells that you remove from certain areas as in any liposuction or any liposculpture, even if you gain weight there are less fat cells in those areas so you are not going to gain weight in those areas. Jenn: If I work five days a week, sitting eight hours, nine hours a day, how soon can I go back to work? Dr. Perez: Most of my patients go back to work within a week. Jenn: And how soon can I work out after the surgery? Dr. Perez: I tell my patients to wait for at least three and a half weeks, four weeks before they do any exercise activity. Jenn: Now, I understand that there is a compressive garment included in this procedure. How long do I have to wear that? Dr. Perez: About six weeks. Jenn: Are there any supplements that maybe I should take before a procedure like this? Dr. Perez: Well, living a safe and healthy life is important, meaning eating properly and exercising. And a good diet is always a good thing to have. It has dramatic results, and those dramatic results are measured in patient satisfaction. When I look at patients, this is one of those procedures that patients really love. They just absolutely love it. Jenn: Health Matters will be right back.

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