Breast Augmentation


Dr. Perez is versed in a variety of breast augmentation techniques to help patients achieve a larger, more symmetrical bust line. One of the most important aspects of the procedure includes how a doctor makes the incision, which should be customized or individualized for each patient. Our doctors are experienced in delivering exceptional results with gentle techniques to reduce scarring.

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In breast augmentation, the surgeon or, in this case, myself, I have the opportunity to not only to amend the breast and give somebody an augmentation but to correct some subtle asymmetries that every single woman has. Essentially, it is a great opportunity to excel as a surgeon by bringing the patient more symmetry and that can be right at that moment. It is not just simply putting a balloon inflator or just putting a silicone implant and throwing it off to make a pocket. The pocket has to be done delicately. It has to be done precisely. It can't be too big, it cannot be too lateral, it has to be done perfectly. Then the implant, when it is inserted with a no-touch technique and sterile technique, but then, at that time, corrections are made to preserve and to improve asymmetric breasts. Choosing an incision for breast augmentation, that's very important. If I were going to do the same incision to every single patient, I would make about 85% of the patients happy and 15% would be very unhappy. That is a very high number. I can't do that. A breast augmentation surgeon needs to be well versed in all types of incisions, whether it's transaxillary, whether it's periareolar, or inframammary incision. We don't talk about transumbilical because nobody does that anymore. Those three approaches to the breast, any good breast augmentation surgeon needs to be very well versed on those, period. Depends on the patient, depends on the incision. If you have a breast that is completely flat, there is no inframammary fold and a very small areola, then, obviously, you can't you do a periareolar incision, you can't do an inframammary because there is no fold. In that case, a transaxillary incision would be ideal for this patient. If you have a patient that has a very well developed fold and you're going to do changes, for instance, you're going to suture the pocket or you're going to do changes because you're exchanging an implant, that would be a perfect approach for that. Now, if you are doing a lift, then you might as well go through the areola because you're going to go through the areola anyway, the incision is going to be there. So the most important thing besides the incision is to have a gentle technique and to minimize scarring by doing a minimally invasive, gentle technique.

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