Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure


Dr. Temmen explains the Brazilian butt lift procedure in greater detail. Surgery takes two to three hours. Most patients can return to work in four to seven days.

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A Brazilian butt lift is a combination of two procedures. First, it's liposuction of the trunk, the circumferential trunk. Usually, the abdomen, flanks, iliac rolls and back followed by fat transfer or fat injections to the buttocks. We perform fat transfer to the lateral hips, the lateral buttocks and the posterior buttocks to improve the entire shape of a woman. You get more gluteal projection, more curviness to the hips and a much narrower waist and abdomen. A skinny Brazilian butt lift is no different than a normal Brazilian butt lift. It's simply performed on a thinner or skinnier person. Traditionally, plastic surgeons and patients felt that if they were too thin, if they didn't have enough fat, they couldn't have a Brazilian butt lift. But in reality, almost anybody has certain areas of diet and exercise resistant fat that could be improved with liposuction. And for a very skinny person, you only need small amounts of fat transfer to see dramatic improvements in shape. So we call a skinny Brazilian butt lift a Brazilian butt lift that's performed on a thin patient that traditionally, or most plastic surgeons would think, wouldn't be a candidate. The perfect candidate for a Brazilian butt lift or a skinny Brazilian butt lift is any woman that has areas of diet and exercise resistant pockets of fat. For most people, this is due to genetics and regardless of how much they exercise or how much weight they try to lose, they still have these unsightly little bulges. For most women, these areas are on the lower abdomen, the lower back or the iliac rolls, what we call the muffin top. The difference between a Brazilian butt lift and butt implants or buttock augmentation is pretty dramatic. A Brazilian butt lift is performing liposuction on trouble areas, taking the patient's own fat and using the fat, transferring it to the buttocks to completely reshape the entire trunk, abdomen and buttocks. Buttock augmentation is when you use an implant inserted into the posterior superior aspect of the buttocks to improve the projection of the buttocks. With a butt implant, you can't improve the shape of the abdomen or the trunk and you aren't able to sculpt the hips, as well. So a buttock implant is really a very specific item used for improvement in gluteal projection, but doesn't include liposuction or redistributing the patient's own fat. Because of the inherent risk of gluteal implants, such as infection or malposition, I don't perform gluteal implants. I prefer the Brazilian butt lift, which allows me to completely avoid the risk of implants. Like I said, such as infection, malposition or shifting of the implant. In my hands, a Brazilian butt lift is much safer, is less prone to infection, and completely avoids the possible need for implant removal in the future. The procedure itself takes about two to three hours and is performed here in our own operating room. The patient is then taken to recovery, where they recover from anesthesia for about an hour. Patients go home the same day. We see them the day after surgery to see how they're doing, make sure they're eating and drinking. Drains, when they are placed, are removed in about five to seven days. Most patients are able to return to work or school in four to seven days, start driving at four days, and wear their compression garments for six weeks. By six weeks, we allow our patients to return to full activity and enjoy their new results. If you would like more information on a Brazilian butt lift, feel free to call the office to schedule a complimentary consultation or contact us through our website.

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